Female Photoshoots


MELT Styling Blog Shoot

I was able to work with a group of talented sisters (literally, a set of triplets and a younger sister) on their styling blog today. We extended to the shoot and took a few shots outside.

Photo: CJ@CJCromwell.com   www.facebook.com/CJCromwell

N-LITE-N (creative shoot)

It has been a long while since I have done a creative shoot so big shout-out to Sharrae for visiting the studio to work on this spontaneous project. We were both expecting to take part in a different photoshoot but that concept ended up being postponed at the last minute.

We decided to shoot anyways and worked with what we had available. No make-up, no team, no stylist (ok… I’ll take some credit there.. hah)

Is was fun!

Our conversations before the shoot had allot to do with breaking down socially divisive categories (e.i. gender) and discussing internal principles of human energy as a more complex continuum. We are more connected than we think we are and we have to call out exploitative power relationships that have share with one another.


I Dress 4 Love Photoshoot

Had a great shoot. Thanks everyone.

Photographer: CJ Cromwell of CJcromwell.com
Models: Jennifer Neyra, Katherine Highgate, Kyana Brannigan, Tina Rees
M.U.A: Alexandria Miller, Ariella Candic
Hair Stylist: Daniella McMillian
Stylist: Brenda Foreman
Accessories: I Dress 4 Love, Fashion Boutique
Studio: T.O. Studio

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Esie Mensah

The Lovely Esie.

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Zakisha and Zanana

Today I shot two wonderful models for a newly emerging agency  – keep posted for more information!

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