Female Photoshoots


I Dress 4 Love Photoshoot

Had a great shoot. Thanks everyone.

Photographer: CJ Cromwell of CJcromwell.com
Models: Jennifer Neyra, Katherine Highgate, Kyana Brannigan, Tina Rees
M.U.A: Alexandria Miller, Ariella Candic
Hair Stylist: Daniella McMillian
Stylist: Brenda Foreman
Accessories: I Dress 4 Love, Fashion Boutique
Studio: T.O. Studio

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Esie Mensah

The Lovely Esie.

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Zakisha and Zanana

Today I shot two wonderful models for a newly emerging agency  – keep posted for more information!

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Vanessa Samuel Photoshoot (dOWNpOUR Series)

After finishing some work at a community program I hit the road and called Vanessa to see if she could help me shoot a concept that I was developing (I know last minute organizing… but sometimes its part of a creative process) – and she came through! Though we didn’t have that much time we made the most of the impromptu photoshoot and created some exciting work.

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“Egyptian Winter” (feat. Tygoria)

Egyptian theme photoshoot series. Thanks for the shoot Tye!

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“Cleopatra” (Renee)

A special thanks to Renee to participating in this photoshoot. It was fun developing this concept further.

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Angie Thompson (Columns Photoshoot)

I must apologies to Angie for the merciless mosquitoes that came to feast on us during the first part of this shoot, but I would be amiss if I didn’t thank and congratulate her for the excellent modeling work done. Angie is able to focus and accomplish the task and I truly appreciated her hard work and professionalism.

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Brii (Column Photoshoot)

A great shoot at a great location – Thanks Brii

I included the original of the last photos you can see the difference between an original photo and edited work.

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Kim (Photoshoot)

Great photoshoot with Kim at one of my favourite locations. As you can see it was a fun day in the sun and (for Kim) in the water.

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“Shawty” (Photoshoot)

Even though we got to the beach location a little later than we wanted, we were able to make the most out of the setting and the concept.


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Kay (Photoshoot)

It was her first photoshoot but Kay did an amazing job. She came along with “Shawty” for a photoshoot, but when I saw her flare and style I asked her to take part in the shoot and I am glad she did.

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“Moon Glow” (feat. Jessica)

The lovely and competent Jessica in a conceptual shoot which proved challenging for lighting, but rewarding in final results.

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